The Maori Course Experience

Coming January 2018

I will be documenting my experience attending a Traditional Māori Healing Course in Auckland, New Zealand.


I'll be posting short essays and films before, during, and after the 11-day program to recount both informational and personal stories.

The course, A Journey through the Greenstone Door to Māori Spiritual Wellbeing, is put on by Kawai Purapura in Albany, Auckland. It is a unique training, gathering important Māori elders and healers from across New Zealand and drawing students and practitioners from around the world.

The Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand and their traditions of natural and spiritual healing have been passed down through the generations.

My goal is to honor and express the teachings offered and share the unique experiences of those participating, and I am incredibly stoked for the opportunity to share in such an amazing and significant event!

You can follow along in a few different ways:
     - right here on my website

     - my Instagram @ReganSpencerWriter
     - Kawai Purapura's Instagram
     - Kawai Purapura's blog

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