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unworthy is a lie
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My name is Regan and I'm a person in long-term recovery.
My life used to be defined, consumed, crippled by the horrifically destructive and demoralizing diseases of anorexia, addiction, and alcoholism.
Today I don't starve myself, I don't get high, and I don't drink. Instead I write, I make movies, and I'm dedicated to the growing movement to bring eating disorders and addiction out from the shadowy stigmas and into the light of recovery, joy, and love.
Today I am on the road (in all the ways!) to heal through poetry, connection, the beauty of the world and the infinite capacity of the human spirit.
 Upcoming Events 
 The Klink's Resort Summer Shorts 
 Screening | Aug. 19 | Cheney, WA

After the 50-hour timed competition June 2-4, the submitted short films will be judged and screened at the festival by the lake at Klink's resort in Cheney, WA. Bring a lawn chair and come by for film and s'mores!

Karibu Sana!
Swahili for You are very welcome here!

Living and recovering in a van

and making art along the way!

 where is regan now? 
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