Writer. Poet. Blogger. Advocate.

Director. Producer. Copywriter.

Healer. Teacher. Speaker.

Nomad. Yogi. Recovering Human.


With a New York Times Bestseller and several filmmaking awards under her belt, Regan is always looking forward to the next project and adventure, always looking forward to what she will find on her journey into recovery.

Obsessed with freedom, healing, expression, comedy, cats, exploration, always learning, making people smile, making up the words because I'd really rather just keep singing.

Advocating for the rights and treatment of those struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and eating disorder. Bringing the disease of addiction out of the shadows of stigma and into light and hope.

 about regan 

“It always seems impossible until it's done.”

Nelson Mandela

 about the van 

Meet Nelson Vandela! A 2013 Nissan NV2500, or as I like to describe it, a truck with a backpack! Currently under construction and excited to ride!

Namesake of a hero: a champion of humanity, courage, and never losing your sense of humor.

Literal metaphor for captaining my own destiny, feeding my heart and my body, living and recovering out loud, out there, everywhere.

Photo Credit Wood Box Studios

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